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18h08 is a Marseille-based influencer agency that listens to its customers and is close to its talent.
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Domyos by Decathlon

Sports equipment and advice by Decathlon

The objectives were to raise awareness of these new collections, which were aimed at women, GenZ/GenY, French, and practicing cardio training in the gym or at home.

Warner Music France

Created in 1971, Warner Music France is a subsidiary of Warner Music Group, owned since 2011 by Access Industries. With a rich and varied catalog, Warner Music France's mission is the discovery of artists, the production, promotion, exploitation and physical and digital distribution of musical recordings.

How can you achieve a CPM of less than €1 while creating maximum consideration (audio "Coup de coeur") and generating maximum listenership?
super power plant

Supelec power plant

Engineering school no longer described

Obviously students and high-school pupils, CS wanted to push its message to a female target group (a real issue within the school, with a lack of women) and across all socio-professional groups. Indeed, a large proportion of CS students are "scholarship-holders", and it's important for the school to make young people aware of this.

Au Vieux Campeur

Chain dedicated to equipment for mountain, land and water sports and activities, depending on the store.

Au Vieux Campeur's main objective was to develop its reputation on the post-Covid digital market.
Photo campaign Passage du Désir - Agence d'influence 18h08

Passage du Désir

Passage du Désir's main objective was to associate itself with the "body positive" universe and boost its visibility among these audiences by highlighting a particular selection of products.


For more than 20 years, Siracuse has been an emblematic brand of Sicilian Lemon Juice.

Siracuse's main objective was to highlight the lemon/sugar crepe recipe for Chandeleur, associate its iconic lemon juice with convivial values and increase its Instagram database.

Southern Region

With the aim of reaching a young target and keeping up with market trends, the CRT PACA commissioned 18h08 to launch a study to position the CRT and its destinations on Tiktok. Giving Generation Z access to CRT PACA communication campaigns


Sunêlia Interlude is a 5-star campsite located in Bois-Plage, just 50 m from Gros Jonc beach, in the heart of the Ile de Ré.

Sunelia's objective is to develop its brand awareness and generate content for their Ads campaign.


MyLittleTrip tells you everything you need to know so you can travel the way you want to, and come back with a lifetime of memories. Discover or rediscover Europe and France differently: MyLittleTrip is THE new way to travel!

My Little Trop's objective is to develop brand awareness and generate UGC for their Ads campaign.
dice dream

Dice Dreams

Dice Dreams is a board game that lets you build your kingdom, but to do so, you'll need to earn money by rolling dice and stealing from other players.

How do you get Dice Dream into the Top 3 downloaded games of the month?
litterie n1

Bedding n°1

Literie N°1 is a family-owned company specializing in mattresses, box springs, pillows, comforters and bedding accessories.

The brand's main objective is to increase its visibility by working with local influencers to highlight the expertise of their advisors, in order to boost in-store traffic and encourage conversion.


Hairlust is a committed brand that uses natural and organic ingredients in its formulas.

How do you establish yourself as one of the leading HairCare brands in France (after having established yourself in many European countries)?


Natural essential oils

As part of this first campaign, we worked on a specific product that was being launched, the anti-acne routine. To do this, it was important to understand who might suffer from it and how people treated themselves. Resolutely feminine, the woman who suffers from acne is ready to try out many solutions, and she asks a lot of questions. a lot. So it was necessary to seek out prescient and relevant "skins specialists" whose communities matched the product. (Minimum 80% women, 18/35 years old, urban and CSP+)


An Italian restaurant nestled in the heart of Marseille's 9th arrondissement, ITALOVA brings back tasty memories of an Italian getaway.

How do you establish yourself as one of Marseille's leading Italian restaurants in just 3 months?

Mychezmoi is the innovative real estate website dedicated to helping individuals buy, sell and rent in Lyon.

How can we restore the image of real estate agents and recruit the best talent? Mychezmoi is not a real estate agency like the others, and the aim of this campaign is to highlight the advantages to which employees are entitled, in order to recruit and train the real estate agents of tomorrow.
Greenall's Paper Bootle Case study Influence agency 18h08


Mythical gin brand born in 1761.

The objectives of this campaign were to raise awareness of Greenall's by reaching a new target audience, to demonstrate the brand's commitment to the environment in a concrete way, and to encourage people to embrace the brand's values and universe.

YAM Nutrition

Expert French brand specializing in innovative sports nutrition!

How can we strengthen YAM Nutrition's reputation and credibility in the competitive landscape of dietary supplements and sports nutrition? Once the brand has been rebranded, it is necessary to activate prescriber profiles whose audiences correspond to the right targets, through relevant communication channels in order to raise community awareness as effectively as possible.

Café Noir

At Café Noir, they have two obsessions: the passage of time and fine mechanical engineering. Above all, they love the little stories behind watches, and especially those of the people who wear them!

Café Noir aims to make vintage watch collections accessible to as many people as possible. The company wishes to bring to light certain unknown watches for their unique historical value. Café Noir needs to develop its visibility with its target audience (very niché, lovers of quality products with a history, watches unlike any others).

À Vos Conserves

A Vos Conserves was born over 15 years ago in the South-West of France, the Mecca of gastronomy and good eating. The online sales site is managed by CDP distribution, a company founded in 1940 in Auch, in the heart of the Gers region, and specializing in the distribution of canned goods since 1975.

The A Vos Conserves team challenged us to strengthen Le Pratique's brand awareness, both to expand their community on social networks and to feed their Newsletter database.


Learn new languages faster and more efficiently.

How can we raise awareness of Lingvist's solution and encourage people to install and test the mobile application? Lingvist wants to educate prospective customers about how their technology works, so as to gain a foothold in the competitive landscape of language-learning applications.


FARES, Fonds des Affections Respiratoires asbl, is a non-profit association dedicated to the prevention and management of smoking.

How can we raise awareness among the Belgian population of the risks associated with smoking, and how can we offer support to help people quit? FARES asbl is a non-profit association dedicated to fighting tuberculosis, preventing and managing smoking, and providing information on other chronic respiratory conditions. Through this campaign, Fares sought to highlight the Ensemble Vers Un Nouveau Souffle (Together Towards a New Breath) campaign, explain the campaign's actions in the fight against smoking, and communicate on International Health Day on April 7.

Alice Au Cabaret

"Alice au cabaret!", a show to enjoy with family and friends. Get ready for two hours of emotion, thrills, dreams and escapism.

Ensure the presence of influencers at the show, who can promote it and encourage their community to take tickets. Indeed, Alice au Cabaret is an end-of-year show featuring magicians, dancers, acrobats, mimes... It took place from December 1 to January 7, 2024 in Brussels. The aim was to attract as many people as possible, targeting not only the people of Brussels, but also those living in the surrounding area.


Muzz is the number one dating and marriage app for Muslims.

How can I make Muzz known and used by as many Muslim singles as possible? Muzz is a dating app for all Muslims who want to find love and marry the right partner. It's not always easy for Muslims to find love, depending on how they practice their religion, their ethnic origin, their social circle... The app is aimed at Muslims looking to find love within a framework that conforms to religious principles, while enabling them to be selective by filtering out profiles that really match their expectations.


CBD Shop

Our aim was to find influencers whose communities were most likely to be interested in CDUCBD products.


Vacation rentals in France

The objectives to be achieved for Vacanceole through influencer campaigns are to continue to develop their notoriety and generate traffic and sales on the E-shop. We started by targeting 3 profiles: mothers (who echo the brand's family focus), eco-friendly people (who share the company's eco-responsible commitments), and finally, young athletes (likely to want to discover new sensations and new challenging spaces offered by Vacancéole).
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