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In 2021, we created a private sales platform and were propelled into the top 10 most viewed platforms on Instagram. In the same year, we collaborated with over 450 influencers.

Today, without any pretension, our know-how enables us to offer you a unique solution: 18H08! A skilful blend of expertise, creativity, authenticity and innovation, all designed to deliver an effective influencer strategy through campaigns that tell your story. At 18h08, we don't like sales pitches, we prefer pitches that make sense. We put our skills, energy and transparency at your service, for a guaranteed return on investment (ROI), in Marseille, Paris, Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux & all over France.

18H08, the place to be!

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We've developed an algorithm capable of sourcing from a database in order to target the best community influencer for you, in line with your persona.

It's a perfect match!

With over 500 collaborations under our belt, we know the real value of the players in the influence market. That's why we negotiate the right price for each collaboration.

Transparency at all costs!

We're at your side to support you in your influencer strategy and create the most effective campaign together. A dedicated consultant is on hand from start to finish.

Zen, be zen!

How does it work exactly?

01. We perform a free audit

02. Our recommendations

03. We validate the strategic plan (Concepts, Planning,...)

04. Source relevant influencer profiles

05. we validate profiles and contract with them

06. We track and trace communications

07. Reporting and assessment of the campaign

The rise of social networks and the growing influence of influencers in the media landscape have given rise to a new sector of digital marketing: influencer marketing. To support you in your communication strategy and optimize your results, our 18h08 influencer agency can help you maximize your impact on social networks and achieve your marketing objectives.

Brands - Influence Agency - Influencers

An influencer agency is a company specialized in implementing and monitoring influencer marketing strategies for its clients. Our main role is to advise and support brands in their partnership with influencers, in order to promote their products or services to a qualified and engaged audience. This includes :

  • Researching and selecting influencers that correspond to the brand's sector of activity, values and objectives.
  • Negotiating and managing contracts between brands and influencers
  • Design and implement targeted influencer marketing campaigns tailored to the target audience
  • Monitoring and evaluating campaign performance, and optimizing strategy according to results obtained
  • Competitive intelligence and analysis of industry trends to anticipate market developments

There are a number of reasons why a company might call on the services of a influencer agency :

Benefit from specific expertise

One of the main advantages of working with our influencer agency is to benefit from our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the sector. Thanks to our significant experience in the influencer marketing and knowledge of best practices for optimize your results.

Save time and internal resources

Outsourcing the management of your influencer strategy allows you to focus on your core business. core business and free up internal resources. In this way, you can avoid mobilizing time and personnel for the influencer researchcontract negotiation or performance evaluation.

Optimize your performance

Working with our influence agency 18h08You benefit from our proven methodology to optimize your campaigns and maximize your return on investment. Our experts in influencer marketing can analyze performance data and adjust your strategy accordingly, in order to achieve your goals. objectives.

To maximize the impact of your partnership with our influencer agency in Pariswe follow these steps:

Clearly define your objectives

Before you start working together, it's vital to determine your communication and marketing objectives precisely. This will enable you to choose the influencers and campaigns best suited to your needs.

Drawing up a coherent communication plan

Work closely together to design a communication plan that respects your brand image, values and message. Ensure that the influencer strategy is integrated seamlessly into your overall communications plan.

Set up regular monitoring of results

To assess the effectiveness of your influencer strategy, it's crucial to set up performance indicators and regularly monitor the results obtained. Don't hesitate to adjust your strategy according to what you learn from this analysis.

Promoting communication and information exchange

Smooth, transparent communication between us is essential to the success of your collaboration. Share your feedback, expectations and concerns on a regular basis, so that we can adjust our strategy if necessary.

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Agence M COM Marseille Logo 18h08 Agence influence marseille PNG
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