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Who we are

The market for influence is no longer a mystery to us.

It's because we've analyzed and practiced it with over 840 collaborations that we know it and master its codes.

Thanks to our innovative methodology and proprietary algorithms, we know how to launch high-impact influencer campaigns and generate profitable growth.

18H08 agence d'influence is more than just a solution for implementing your influencer strategy, it's your trusted partner for gaining content and visibility on the web.

We're based in Marseille, but we can help you anywhere in France: Paris, Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux & elsewhere.

It's a question of


2020 was a special year on a global scale with the appearance of COVID-19. The entire economy was impacted, including brands, artisans, local merchants and larger companies.

It was against this backdrop that 18h08.fr was born, a private sales platform for small French brands and merchants. Its ambition was simple: to help local brands and businesses, during this period of global epidemic, to clear their unsold stock from 2020 and gain visibility thanks to social networks and influencers.

A pertinent choice that paid off for 18h08, which in just a few months found itself propelled into the TOP 10 most viewed private sales platforms on Instagram, totaling over 450 collaborations with influencers.

A few months later, the 18H08 agency was born to pursue its mission of supporting French brands, start-ups and companies in the deployment of their influencer strategy through meaningful campaigns.

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Our mission

Putting meaning intoinfluence





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Alexis Duvernoy


We offer brands our expertise in the influencer marketing sector, so that they can reach qualified audiences and pay the right price.
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Hugo Budillon


Let's give new meaning to your influencer campaigns and find the profiles whose communities are most likely to be interested in your brand.

Campaign manager

Maylis Chaldoreille

Campaign manager

Mathilde Madlaing

Business Developer

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Project Manager

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Communications Manager

Lee Bonin

Campaign manager

Thomas Armaghan

There's no time for


The influencer market is not regulated. 87% of brands are afraid of overpaying influencers - a sad fact, but a fact! Internet users lack trust in partnerships between brands and influencers. With 18H08, we guarantee transparency, trust and the fairest prices on the market.
Many collaborations are considered "unauthentic" on social networks, and as a result, the influencer market doesn't get much press today. Yet authenticity is an undeniable asset when it comes to engaging a community and building loyalty. By engaging with 18H08, you can be sure of a sincere, lasting collaboration that's true to your values.
98% of brands embark on this lever without any real strategy. Reach your target with the right message at the right time, tell a great story, your story, convert your audience... Our expertise in influencer strategy enables us to set up campaigns that have an impact and meet your objectives.
98% of brands embark on influencer marketing without any real strategy. They don't know how to source influencers because they don't have access to audience data, and they don't know how to estimate their Return on Investment (ROI). At 18H08, we find the right influencers after drawing up a strategic action plan.
Using an influencer means associating your image with that of a third party to talk about your service, brand, company or product. Whether on a one-off basis or for the long term, the influencer you collaborate with becomes your ambassador. 18H18 takes care of sourcing your influencers, whose affinities will be faithful to your values and those of your brand.