5 tips to increase the conversion rate of your physical store

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5 tips to increase the conversion rate of your physical store - Dropery

We have already seenthe benefits for a pure player of adopting an omnichannel strategy to offer its customers the best possible sales experience, whether online or at physical points of sale. In this article, we'll try to concisely explain how to increase the conversion rate of your physical store, i.e., to optimize the act of purchasing within your store(s).


Tip no. 1: Organize facing in your shelves

However, if your potential customers leave almost as quickly as they came in, you won't earn any revenue. In our previous topic, we talked about the importance of having a physical boutique for a brand, but having one is one thing, making it functional is quite another.

We haven't invented anything, but the facing and general presentation of your store are essential. I'm going to use the example of Darty and Décathlon, 2 behemoths of physical sales, to illustrate this point.

Having worked at Décathlon, one of the most important aspects of department organization is facing, always bearing in mind the route your customers will take through your store and departments. Every employee at Décathlon has the characteristic of being very demanding and rigorous when it comes to the proper maintenance and presentation of his or her department. 60% of time is devoted to tidying up and changing the layout of products.


Tip 2: Install a display header in your store

Décathlon and Darty also place great emphasis on what we call gondola headers. By definition, thegondola head is the most visible position in your department.

This is where you'll place the products you want to sell first. These could be call-offs, new products, promotions or discontinued items. This technique will either increase the average basket or motivate your customers to make a purchase.


Tip no. 3: Have the right salesperson to create a sense of accomplishment for your customers

Customers aren't usually fans of the pushy salesman, so you have to find the right balance to be as fair as possible. For example, at at Décathlon, the instructions are quite simple: let the customer breathe, but don't hesitate to ask if he needs help or advice, especially if you see him lingering over a product on the shelf.

For technical sports like golf, the fact that a salesperson is a player adds real value to the advice given. Having a qualified salesperson can be a real advantage, and this applies to any type of product sold.

In fact, a good salesperson who knows his or her product category inside out will find it easier to find the right product for your customers every time, thus creating a sense of customer satisfaction with your salesperson.


Tip 4: Communicate the possibility of returning a product

It's very important to make the return or refund process easy for your customer. This will make it easier for them to be tempted, knowing that they can easily return their product.

So it's important that your sales staff are briefed on this subject to reassure your customers. And don't hesitate to post your returns policy in your store.

Tip 5: Use targeting campaigns

Just like an online store, you need to target your customers. If the visitor to your store isn't your target, chances are he'll leave without buying anything.

It's therefore a good idea to set up targeting actions to ensure that the people who enter your store are as qualified as possible. Communicate on the Internet about your store (Google Business is an excellent tool, for example) and set up set up emailing or SMS campaigns with old and new customers to communicate your latest news or promotional offers.


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